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"Light to dispel darkness, clarity amidst confusion, hope amongst pessimism, and life where vanity reigns"

Manuel & Mariya Brambila

The Lord Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). In consequence, Christ's early followers were recognized as those of “The Way”, and Peter refers to the Christian faith as “the way of truth.” We call our church plant, “Le Chemin” (french for “The Way”).

Cannes, in the French Riviera, is globally recognized for its Film Festival, luxurious lifestyle and glamour. However, its 74,000 habitants, and hundreds of thousands of visitors during the year, are totally lost and blinded by atheism, humanism, religiosity and wealth. Catholic churches prevail but they are physically empty, while the three existing “evangelical” churches are doctrinally shallow.

Le Chemin seeks to be light to dispel darkness, clarity amidst confusion, hope amongst pessimism, and life where vanity reigns. Le Chemin reaches out to the lost through biblical evangelism and social events to make the gospel known in the community. Every week the Scriptures are faithfully preached in an expository fashion, prayer meetings and Bible studies are held and the name of the Lord is exalted.

Striving to be better prepared for ministry, and to preach the Word with precision, Manuel obtained a diploma in “Pastoral and Theological Studies” through the London Reformed Baptist Seminary (Spurgeon’s), and finished in October 2023 a Master of Divinity degree through the Master’s Academy International and its European Bible Training Center in Berlin.

Mariya helps in several areas of ministry, including real-time weekly sermons translation into Russian, and is privileged to homeschool their two children: Alexander (17) and David (13).

Manuel works full-time in a Hotel and the Lord has blessed so that the ministry could be supported for the last 8 years solely by that income. Nevertheless, the job and family situation have changed and Manuel is encouraged to reach out for support in order to continue and expand the church plant vision, The Way Ministry in Cannes, France.

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