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Rip & Amber Robinson


Rip and Amber serve churches and Christian ministries from their home in Heerlen, Netherlands. With an emphasis on helping others tell their stories, Speaking Volumes assists ministries with internet-based tools and services that promote interactive communication and collaboration: digital media and resources; training; connection among dispersed communities.

At the same time, Rip and Amber partner with another couple in the planting and growth of a new church in Heerlen, Limburg, since relocating and settling in Heerlen for that specific purpose.

Christelijke Gemeente de Bron

Our church, called "The Well/Source Christian Congregation/Community," is now several years old. We meet in a local community center where we rent rooms on Thursday evenings for Bible Study, and on Sundays. Amber's brother, Theo van Reijn (pictured below left), is our pastor.

Amber oversees and organizes both the women's ministry and Sunday School, teaching in both. Rip is involved with financial admin, media, planning, ministry to Iranian asylum-seekers, and practical help.

De Bron Ministry to Iranian Asylum-Seekers

Please pray for this ministry of our church. We have a number of regular Iranian attenders. They live in constant uncertainty as they gave up everything to live in a small room in a dormitory in the local immigration center. Their cases can take up to three years to settle, and they can face re-location within Netherlands or Europe at any time. Rip and another man in our church transport them to and from church each week. As long as we have them, we try to minister to them and make them welcome -- in both the church and in our homes.

Taking the lead in ministry is Reza (pictured second, below), who is Iranian and has permanent residence status. He translates sermon notes, and conducts Persian Bible Studies in our region and online with Persians around the world.

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