Start the process of joining IGO Worldwide...

We are honored and thrilled that you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Global Partner in the IGO Worldwide ministry family!

No doubt you are wondering what the process of becoming part of our team involves. That’s what this page is all about—to help you begin the process of seeing if the Lord will lead us to team together for His glory in His kingdom work.

At this point, we suggest that you take the following steps:

  1. Download and read Introducing IGO Worldwide. Most of the information can be found around the site, but we have tried to put together the information you would want to know about IGO Worldwide in one place so you can read it and print it out.

  2. Download and read the document called Global Partner Qualifications. This will help you get a sense of what we look for in prospective Global Partners serving in conjunction with IGO Worldwide.

  3. Download the IGO Worldwide Profile Questionnaire. Fill it out and return it to IGO Worldwide. We will contact you upon receipt of the Profile Questionnaire, informing you what happens next in the process of becoming a Global Partner with IGO Worldwide.

  4. Continue praying for God to guide you and to guide IGO Worldwide as together we seek His best for the furthering of His work.