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"Establishing a model church for emerging churches"

Vladimir & Marina Rokic

I am Bosnian by birth but, after our family evacuated to Germany, we moved to Croatia. As a high school student and candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood, I read books about missionaries and fantasized about one day going on mission to some distant country. After graduating from the Faculty of Theology in Zagreb things changed: I began to question my Catholic foundations and wondered what it meant to “be born again”. I eventually left the priesthood and worked for 7 years as a Catholic religion teacher as a layman in a school.

Marina and I met and eventually married. We started reading the Bible and visiting a group of Christians that met in our town. One evening I surrendered to Jesus and said that I wanted to know the truth at any cost. The words from the Gospel of Matthew have come true: "The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for a beautiful pearl. He finds one precious pearl, sells everything he has and buys it”. Soon the local pastor found out about our conversion and at the end of the year I lost my job at the school. That year was difficult for us, but definitely a life turning point for me and my family. The Lord showed us his love and faithfulness every day by providing for us all we needed.

In 2018, we moved to the eastern part of Zagreb believing that the Lord was calling us to found a church there. Missionaries have been encouraging to me. My ministry is preaching and biblical teaching to believers and new converts. Marina leads the children's ministry and we are currently starting a children's club.

As a church, we recognize teamwork and strive to raise up leaders who will be able to lead people in different ministries. Our vision is...

  • To establish a church that will be a model church for other emerging churches.

  • Identify and train people for ministries so that they can establish other churches.

  • To be a church that will support young couples in their spiritual and material needs.

  • To be a church that will be a nursery for new churches in cities and towns of Croatia.

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