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"Establishing a church in Bjelovar"

Daniel & Kristina Herceg

Post Tenebras Lux is a Latin phrase from the Protestant Reformation which means “After darkness, light.” It describes the situation in Bjelovar, Croatia, very well. With 40,000 people in Bjelovar, there are many Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, but no Biblical, evangelical church. We hope and pray to see Bjelovar become the city that will, after so many years of darkness, have the light of Jesus Christ so that many might hear the saving words of our Lord, call on His name, and be saved.

We want to be obedient to what the Lord said in Matthew 5:13-17, so that we would be the salt of the earth and the light to the world, and that, one day, Bjelovar would be like a city illuminated on a hill.

Our main ministry focus is to evangelize the lost, study the Bible with believers for growth and with unbelievers for their salvation, and work toward establishing a church here in Bjelovar. It is our prayer that a healthy and Biblical church would be established, to gather together and worship our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ through prayers, singing, reading the Word and explaining its meaning, to the glory of God. Daniel is also helping students at the Theological Biblical Academy with learning Biblical Greek, preaching in the other churches, and distributing Gospel pamphlets.

Daniel graduated from Theological Biblical Academy in Croatia in 2018 and is expected to complete a M.Div. at the European Bible Training Center in 2021. The Lord put his lost countrymen on his heart and he moved to Bjelovar. He met Kristina in the church in Koprivnica (45 min. away from Bjelovar). They live together in Bjelovar, serving and praying for the salvation of the lost.

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