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August 2020

Better Than Normal

Ramas Vivas

Better than Normal

In my last newsletter, I wrote about how one of our team goals during the COVID pandemic was to not just wait for things to go back to normal.  We determined we would find a way to make things better than normal.  The country is facing so many challenges right now, and by God's grace, we as a ministry are finding some helpful ways to respond.  

We are more united; we are more passionate; we are alert and desire more than ever to be used by God to bring the hope of Christ to hurting people in practical ways.  The turmoil around us is heart-wrenching; it's also fuel.  As a team, we are looking more closely at what we do, why we do it and how to do it better.  We are on our way to reaching this goal - Better than Normal.


Challenges for the Dominican Republic

COVID in the Dominican Republic continues to spread.  Early this summer, the government lifted the mandatory curfews, but the numbers of infected individuals sky-rocketed.  Hospitals reached capacity and were forced to turn people away.  

Curfews are now in place again.  Masks are mandatory in public places. Businesses are open but with many restrictions.  Schools are still looking for a solution and not ready to open this fall.  Virtual learning is not an option for so many students who do not have access to computers or internet.  

The newly elected president, Luis Abinader, took office on August 16th.  The country has been eager to get through this transition of leadership, so someone will take action on their behalf.

Many of you probably read about the first hurricane of the season a few weeks ago that flooded Hato Mayor and forced nearly one thousand people to leave their homes.  So many lost the little they had.  

Hundreds are left to sleep on the floor.  Some try to dry out their muddy mattresses and sofas in the sun during the day.  One family member stays behind to guard the little they could salvage in their home from looters, while the rest of the family looks for a place with extended family or friends - all during a pandemic.

Poverty + COVID + increased economic hardship + flooding and loss + transition of powers = very hard times for many Dominican people.  

Ramas Vivas or Living Branches

I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  ~ John 15:5


Hurricane Relief Fund

Thanks to several of you, we have been able to purchase mattresses, stoves, gas tanks, washing machines and a bag of groceries to families affected by the past hurricane.  Signs of gratitude, relief and hope came pouring out of these folks.  Thanks to all who donated to make this possible.  

Maria and her family live about 150 meters from the river, but a ravine passes near their home.  She and her husband are leaders in their church.  They have three children: two boys and a girl.  To put food on the table, they sell used clothing and household items at the flee market, but they lost it all.  During the hurricane, the flood waters rose to at least two meters.  Now, they are trusting God day-to-day to put food on the table.
We are still taking donations and intend to purchase more mattresses, stoves, bags of groceries, etc. for families affected by the hurricane. There is much more work to do.  This is one woman who is still sleeping on the floor.
If you feel led to contribute, you can send a check payable to IGO Worldwide with RVMinistry in the memo line, or click here to give online.  Be sure to type RVMinistry in the comments box.  Click here for more information.  

New Mentorship Program for Children

Because of the potential spread of the coronavirus, we are not yet able to gather with large groups of children.  We are planning a one-on-one mentorship program for children who come from single-parent homes or who are living with extended family or other guardians.  

Our leaders will spend several hours a week with children, one-on-one, doing CBS Bible study, helping with homework, providing extra practice with reading, writing and arithmetic, setting personal goals and getting to know one another through fun games and activities. 

Nene Adon now our Director of Ministries

On August 1st, we promoted Nene to be our first Director of Ministries.  He is now working full-time as a Ramas Vivas employee, and he is doing an incredible job. Nene lives in Guayabal and is finishing up his degree in accounting. Nene's favorite food is white rice with stewed beef and a lettuce salad.  His favorite Bible character is Peter.  He is afraid of heights and excels at telling bad jokes.  Click here for more about Nene on our webpage.  

The water project is advancing, though so much more slowly than I ever imagined.  We have hired our general manager, Alix Novas (click here for his bio), and we are preparing to hire the rest of our team.  We have a great business model and are very excited about our launch plan.

Our reliable delivery service is going to set us apart and help the community in so many ways - creating jobs, safe drinking water, a delivery service during COVID, sustaining our ministry, and all net profits go back to help the community in some way through our ministry projects, children's programs, etc.

If you haven't given towards this project yet, or if you'd like to invest again in this WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity, there's still time!   Your investment will help us purchase the equipment we need to start selling water!
Prayer Requests for Rudy

Rudy is a 21-year-old man who lives in our community.  Joselo has been working with Rudy for many months now.  In 2015 Rudy was living at Yankees Baseball Academy.  He was so close to fulfilling his dream of playing professional baseball.  His coach started to express concern for his health.  The story gets complicated from there and includes witch doctors, voodoo, diabetes and more.  

Last year, Rudy became a Christian and was baptized.  Hallelujah!  Joselo has taken him to many doctor appointments and physical therapy.  Rudy is definitely stronger now both physically and spiritually, but we haven't seen significant  physical improvement.  Missionary Dr. Diane Sabado has stepped in to help, but I'm asking you to pray for Rudy - for clarity and healing.
A final note about our personal support.  
Some of you have asked how our personal account is doing through all of this.  We have taken a hit recently, so we are looking for new ministry partners who could invest $50, $100 a month or so to help cover our family's basic living expenses.  If you or anyone you know would like to partner with us in ministry in this way, please let me know or complete this form and send to IGOww.

Thanks again to all of you who pray, give and encourage us.  
None of this good work is possible without you.
May God bless you more!
Kristin, Joselo, Elliot & Evan


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