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Tax Deductibility

Tax Deductibility of Designated Contributions

Dear Friend of Missions,

Thank you for considering a gift to IGO Worldwide. Your support of our various worldwide ministries is vital to the proclamation of the Gospel.

We would like to address the tax deductibility of designated contributions. The IRS has said that gifts must be made to and under the control of an exempt organization (in this case IGO Worldwide) to be tax deductible. This means that IGO’s Board of Directors must control all contributions and ensure that they are used in keeping with IGO Worldwide’s tax exempt purposes. In the unlikely event an IGO Worldwide ministry or project is over-funded or is not able to be carried out, the board’s policy is to redirect the funds for similar purposes, based on the nature of the supported activities.

Your gifts to support an IGO Worldwide Ministry are not gifts to an individual IGO Worldwide missionary, but are charitable contributions to IGO Worldwide for its exempt purposes that are used to accomplish ministry activities. In other words, gifts to support the ministry of an IGO Worldwide missionary are tax deductible, but gifts to an individual missionary are not tax deductible.

You may still indicate your preference for the purpose or project where you want your gift to be used. However, to avoid potential concerns or conflicts with the IRS, you should always indicate that the gifts are intended for the IGO Worldwide Ministry directed by (missionary’s name). In keeping with this, it is best not to make such requests on the check itself.

Using the response portion of the receipt (or the one enclosed with a missionary’s letter) is the easiest, most accurate way of indicating your giving preference. This response portion reflects the appropriate language for indicating giving preferences and helps prevent potential tax deduction concerns arising between you, IGO Worldwide and/or the IRS.

Be assured that IGO Worldwide is always committed to honoring your preferences for any gift given toward projects or ministries approved by the Board and conducted by our missionaries.

We understand that this issue may be a bit confusing. If you have any questions about this matter or would like to discuss it in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address or email listed below. I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you once again for considering a gift to IGO Worldwide. You will be a vital part of our missionary team for which we give thanks. May the Lord richly bless you as you fulfill your gift of giving to Him through the ministry of IGO Worldwide.

Proclaiming the Gospel worldwide!
James A. Odens – IGO Worldwide President

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