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"Working with children of all ages"

Diana Haas

I bring to Romania a lifetime of experiences as a mother of two, grandmother of twins, Sunday school teacher, home school teacher, pre-school teacher, nanny, space camp mentor, foster mom and empty nester. After following, via the internet, the exhilarating journey of a former homeschool friend on her 12-month mission during the “World Race,” I found that one is never too old to experience missions in person.

Two extended mission trips to Romania provided opportunities to touch a life in a most profound way—mine! I invite you to follow me on a journey that will touch your life for years to come. There is no shortage of people to love as one invests in their struggles, joys, needs and hunger for a Savior. Prayerfully consider how much of your heart you, too, are prepared to give.

Here’s a brief description of some of what my ministry, Heavenly Vineyard, involves:

  • Working with children of all ages to enhance learning and academics. Mentoring teens and promoting support groups has been a common thread over the years.

  • In Romania, I support mission families as a helping hand in their homes and with their children. Mission couples are typically without a family support network and unable to function in tandem in their mission field if one or the other remains at home. I do things that free them to work together or simply go out as a couple.

  • Inspiring the women involved in Spiro Design to promote more opportunities for income. Great is the need to create income for widowed or underemployed households.

  • Developing relationship and Outreach in outlying communities. There is a need for Bible study literature to disciple adults and teens. Sharing team-building activities through games, implementing activities in conjunction with currently active cell groups.

  • Promoting oral hygiene. An unhealthy mouth isn’t just about decay. Left-Behind Children result when parents die prematurely. An unhealthy mouth increases the risk of serious health problems: heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes.

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