making Disciples in the Dominican Republic

Kristin Wolford

Kristin Wolford lives in the Dominican Republic and is working with youth, discipling and empowering teenagers and young adults to use their time and talents to love and serve others in the name of Christ.

Kristin has helped the youth of Iglesia Centro Cristiano Shalom start an after school program for children. Now, leaders from ICC Shalom travel to impoverished communities to teach Bible stories, practice reading and writing, and develop positive relationships with children and families.

The young adults from ICC Shalom are also using their talents to teach and preach on a local television program twice a week and to teach English classes to teenagers. As they teach English, they are also making new friends and sharing about Jesus.

Together, we are all learning about God's love and the unique plans He has for each of us. The youth are growing individually and as a team. They are more missionally focused and are expanding the influence of the church. Their energy and excitement is contagious!

We believe that EVERYONE has been given gifts, talents, time and resources that they can use to make a difference in the Kingdom of God. When we work together and each of us does a little, we can have a major impact for the glory of God!

In John 17:23, Jesus prayed,
“May they be brought to complete unity so that the world may know that I have come.”

A note to gift givers and monthly supporters:
The reality is that this ministry cannot happen without your fervent prayers and consistent financial contributions. Your partnership makes you an instrument of change and transformation in the lives of individuals, families, communities around the world.

Thank you!! We’re so glad to have you on our team!

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