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"Planting, Networking, Strengthening"

Joe & Gail Owens

Joe and Gail Owens have ministered in Argentina since 2002, when God fulfilled Joe’s life-long dream to go to Argentina and minister to the Argentine people. Prior to Argentina Joe and Gail ministered in Montana for 15 years. They helped plant a church in Townsend, Montana, and Joe also pastored for eight years in Seeley Lake, Montana.

The Owens’ ministry in Argentina is focused on three areas:

  • Strengthening existing churches by helping them establish a structure for discipleship so they can train workers to send into the harvest field. This is happening with churches in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

  • Helping to establish new churches so more people are touched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Owens are currently involved in planting the Evangelical Bible Church The Lord’s Way in Villa del Totoral, Cordoba, Argentina.

  • Networking new and existing churches together to establish a support structure so that the Argentine churches can send Argentine missionaries to countries closed to U.S. missionaries but open to Argentine workers.

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