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"Accent on the Good News"

Bruce & Bonnie Robinson

Church planting

Bruce and Bonnie Robinson ministered in England from 1971 to 2018 –– primarily in church planting. Their similar English backgrounds, plus meeting in England in 1965 while on a student missions trip, led inevitably to their serving the Lord there. The Robinsons founded Wolverton Evangelical Church (in 1973) and Buckingham Evangelical Church (in 1990). Today they are both strong, growing and vibrant Christian fellowships.

IGO Worldwide

In 1996 Bruce founded International Gospel Outreach and continues to serve as its Field Administrator. The Robinson's interest in other worldwide missions and cultures is further stimulated and fulfilled while serving in their role of advisor to fellow IGO missionaries.


ACTSent is the name of the Robinson's current ministry. ACTSent is simply a personal label that reflects Bruce's and Bonnie's firm belief in the biblical, simple, cultural approach to mission. ACTSent's vision was conceived from their years of mission experience to assist, consult, train and serve indigenous people of a new generation as the platform and objective of mission.

“All that Jesus began both to do and teach”
Acts 1:1

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